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When it comes to getting a car loan for that used car you want to buy, you want to make sure that the finance team at the dealership is one that you can trust to guide you through the process.  We understand that the path to securing an auto loan can sometimes be confusing, which is why our finance experts are a patient group that will make sure you understand all the choices in front of you.  Our dealership wants to make sure that you can make an educated decision that you feel good about.  The finance center at Bud's Auto Sales, with locations in Beaverdale, Shelocta, and Ebensburg, PA, is who you can rely on for assistance with your used car financing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Financing

The finance staff at Bud's Auto Sales gets lots of questions from customers about the world of car loans.  Some of these questions we hear all the time.  Below, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions, and their answers, so people can get the information before they make their way to our dealership.

Is it Worth it to Finance a Used Car?

We understand that some Indiana, PA drivers may have the money to buy a used car without needing to get a car loan.  While that is certainly a valid method of buying one of the pre-owned vehicles on our lot, it may not be the best financial decision.  Why deplete your savings when you can take advantage of the low rates and terms our finance center can often find and keep more money in your account?  Taking out a used car loan, even when you have the money in your account, can help you build your credit and keep you financially flexible in the case of an unexpected emergency.

Why is it Harder to Finance a Used Car?

The truth is that financing a used car doesn't have to be harder than getting a car loan for a new one.  While new car dealerships do have the advantage of promotional interest rates and terms, they are generally only for buyers with the highest credit scores.  Used car financing can be easier because you are often looking to finance less money and for a shorter period of time.  Our finance professionals have many years of experience and know how to best structure your loan, so you have the best chance for success.  At Bud's Auto Sales, Johnstown, PA drivers have the peace of mind knowing that our used cars are priced according to market value, so their financing will not run into issues because the vehicle is overvalued.

Is it Better to Finance a Car Through a Bank or a Dealership?

Some customers want to go through their local bank or credit union when they try to get an auto loan for their used car, truck, or SUV.  While that is certainly an option for customers, it may not be the most convenient, or the best, choice.  Doing your auto financing with Bud's Auto Sales will mean that you will not be required to facilitate getting information back-and-forth from our dealership to your financial institution.

In addition, our finance center partners with a large network of lending partners.  This network is made up of many local and national banks and credit unions.  Our finance team is often able to get you a better interest rate and term than you could get by going with your local option.  Our finance center gives our lenders a lot of business, so our customers often get to reap the benefits of the better rates and terms we get as a result.

Protecting Your Investment

Another way that our finance center can assist you with your used car purchase is by helping you protect it.  We know that many drivers would not want to have to pay their car payment and a hefty repair bill at the same time.  While all the used cars on our lot are thoroughly inspected, the worst-case scenario can happen.  This is why our dealership is happy to offer extended warranties through Allstate.  Allstate is a reputable company that has been protecting drivers for many years.  With this warranty, you can rest easy knowing that your new vehicle is covered against many unexpected mechanical failures.

There are also many other ways we can help you protect your new car.  Our finance team also offers GAP insurance, tire and wheel protection, paintless dent repair, and many other options.

We Want to Hear from You

Do you have your eye on a used car on our lot?  Apply for financing with the team at Bud's Auto Sales, in Ebensburg, Beaverdale, and Shelocta, PA, today and let us set you up for success with an affordable used car loan.

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