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A Used Nissan Means Quality and Value

Nissan is a brand that is known for performance and keeping up with the latest technology. When Beaverdale, PA drivers want a crossover or SUV that delivers power and fuel-efficiency, they know the Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport are excellent choices. A new Nissan is always a good choice if you want a car that will last, and this makes a used one an even better buy.

Meet the Rogue

The Nissan Rogue is a customer favorite because of its roomy interior and generous cargo room. Nissan is typically one of the first to adopt the newest technology packages and upgrades. This means that when you buy a used Rogue, you can often find the newer technology and features you want.

You can find a newer used Rogue with driver safety technology such as automatic high beams, lane departure warning, lane departure assist, and automatic emergency braking. One of the best things about the Rogue is that many high-end features are standard. The Rogue is the middle ground between the smaller Rogue Sport and the three-row Pathfinder.

Rogue Sport Offers More in a Small Package

The Rogue Sport is a smaller crossover that has surprisingly well-designed space. This gives you extra cargo room and plenty of space for up to five passengers. As is typical, the Rogue Sport is loaded with standard features. It is known for a fine-tuned suspension system that gives you a smooth ride.

Nissan has not made major changes to the Nissan Rogue Sport in the past several years except to add a few more standard features. This means that when you buy a used Rogue Sport that is only a few years old, it is similar to newer ones and has similar features. Only it has a much lower price tag. Buying used is an excellent way to get the features that you want at a much lower price.

Wide Selection of Nissans

The Rogue and Rogue Sport are excellent choices when it comes to used SUVs, but you might also want to check out the other used Nissans. You can choose from popular sedans such as the Versa, Sentra, Altima, and Maxima. It is also sometimes possible to find a used Nissan LEAF in stock. One of the best things about our Nissan inventory is that it is continually changing. Whether you want a work truck such as the Frontier or Titan, or a larger SUV such as the Murano, Pathfinder, and Armada, you know that you are getting a used vehicle with a reputation for reliability and long life.

Why Buy a Used Nissan?

There are many reasons for Shelocta and Johnstown customers to consider buying used. For one thing, you can often afford to upgrade a bit and get a few extra perks when you buy used because of the difference in price. Beaverdale, PA drivers love their Nissans, and some are excited to trade in their old one every few years when a new model upgrade occurs. Drivers like this tend to take excellent care of their vehicles so that they can get the best trade-in value. This means that when you buy used, you are getting a vehicle that has been well-maintained and regularly serviced.

Nissan is known as a brand that has a long service life, and that is made from quality parts. They have an interior that is made from quality materials. You can often find the latest amenities for less when you buy used. One thing that you have when you buy used that you do not have when you buy new is customer reviews. You can read reviews and find out exactly how the vehicle performs under normal driving conditions. This is something that you do not have when you buy new ones.

Whether you're in Ebensburg or Indiana, PA, make your way to our dealership to check out our available lmodels and more. Bud's Auto Sales Indiana has two locations, and over 30 used Nissan models in stock, including the Rogue and Rogue Sport. Stop by and take one for a test drive today.